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The Giovanni d'Andrea Mapping Law in Medieval Spain project was created as a pilot project to demonstrate the use of the vHMML Data Portal for creating digital humanities projects based on metadata found in vHMML Reading Room.


The records included in this project derive from the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library microfilm project completed in Spain during the 1970s. It does not pretend to be an exhaustive list of Giovanni d'Andrea's manuscripts in Spain, but rather an example of using basic Geocharting to visualize the location of and size of current collections.

Due to advances in metadata harvesting, Dr. Daniel K. Gullo extracted data from vHMML Data Portal exported as JSON to create a visualization of the parish archives and provided easy access to vHMML Reading Room.

Metadata harvested from vHMML Reading Room was prepared by Dr. Daniel K. Gullo and Eileen L. Smith, cataloger and metadata librarian at HMML. The data was based on existing modern catalogs when possible, and standardized using LC and VIAF authority files.


  • Giovanni d'Andrea Mapping Law in Medieval Spain UI was based on

  • The catalog database and Geochart chart relies on AwesomeTable.

  • Additional mapping visualization uses Datawrapper.

  • The underlying database used for the Geochart and catalog uses Google Sheets.

  • Metadata was harvested using vHMML Data Portal.

  • JSON data harvested from vHMML Data Portal was extracted using

Project data

Project design data for Giovanni d'Andrea Mapping Law in Medieval Spain is open source.

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